More Holdfasts Today

Posted on 20 February 2017

I picked up some more holdfasts at Erhart Foundry today, so we now have plenty on hand in the store.

The Erhart foundry has been slammed with work the last couple months because a foundry north of here went out of business. Also, the other iron foundry here in Cincinnati, Cast-Fab Technologies, closed late last year.

Despite the tumult, Erhart is on track to keep us supplied with holdfasts.

Update on the Dividers
We’re currently in negotiations to move production to a facility in Lexington, which will be able to turn them out much faster than we can. We hope to have that up and running in two or three weeks.

Other Tools
Raney and I are designing some other tools and we’ll have some prototypes finished this week. We hope to have at least one of these in production and for sale at Handworks. These new tools aren’t as tricky to make as the dividers, so we are hoping for smooth sailing.

True story: When the production machinist who will likely be making the dividers looked at them he said: “As far as difficulty goes, on a scale of one to 10, these are a nine.”

Kind of like making a Maloof rocker as your first woodworking project.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • Christopher Schwarz: March 07, 2017


    We have nine prototypes in the works right now – a few of them are being used in the shop right now.

    After disappointing customers on the production of dividers (almost resolved!), we are loathe to talk about any tool until we have 1,000 on hand.

    Many tools are coming, including our first sub-$50 set of tools.

    Thanks for your patience!


  • Patrick: February 26, 2017

    Hi Chris,
    Will you be posting pics of the prototypes as they are finished or will you wait until you get closer to the production version? (Been retaining water lately, thought drooling might help.)

  • Christopher Schwarz: February 22, 2017

    Hey Chris,

    We are still using the same pattern that we started with in April 2016. We have continued to revise it (as any manufacturer would) to produce the exact shape we want as the ductile iron cools. We observe the results over time and through hundreds of castings, and we make minute changes (a thou here and there).

    Like any manufacturer, it’s a continuous process. We just happen to blab about it here.

    Bottom line: These are the best we can do today. We hope to be a little better tomorrow. However, these work perfectly – as well as any holdfast I’ve used. Hope this answers your question.


  • Chris Lindsay: February 22, 2017

    Are these holdfasts using the new casting pattern you mentioned earlier?

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