Next Batch of Dividers: Wednesday

Posted on 21 November 2016

No matter when I talk to Raney at the Crucible lab – Friday night, Sunday morning, whenever – there’s always the sound of the CNC mill going on in the background.

As a result of this activity, we have another batch of improved-pattern dividers that will be ready for sale at noon (Eastern time) on Wednesday, Nov. 23.

Also this week, I will travel to the lab to shoot some video with Raney that will cover some of the details of the dividers. Customers who have received their dividers have asked: How do I sharpen them? How tight should they be? Why don’t the tips touch? (That’s definitely intentional.) And how do I easily open them?

Thanks for your patience as we ramp up production. As Norm Abram would say: “We’re gaining on it.”

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • David: December 08, 2016

    Did this batch happen?
    When is the next batch due?

  • Christopher Schwarz: November 25, 2016

    The batches are getting larger and larger. We’ll lick this thing.

  • Eric Brown: November 24, 2016

    I think you need to reconsider what you call a “large” batch. I was considering buying a second set but have decided to wait. I will let others get theirs first. So far I like mine. I do like shiny things though, so I polished mine and smoothed the action too. Feels really nice in the hand.

  • Wes Faulkenberry, Jr.: November 24, 2016

    6 hours?….. Did you guys EVER think the response would be this huge? It’s gotta be gratifying!

  • Wes Faulkenberry, Jr.: November 24, 2016

    6 Hours? Did you guys EVER think the demand would be this huge? Gotta be gratifying!

  • Christopher Schwarz: November 24, 2016


    This batch sold out in six hours. Raney is working on another large batch, which will be up in a week or so.

  • Alan: November 23, 2016

    So, I gather they are all gone again. When will some be available?

  • raney: November 23, 2016


    I think the confusion might be in the name: improved pattern dividers.

    The first batch was also called improved pattern dividers – as in: an improvement on the standard divider pattern(s). That ‘improved’ is not new for the second/third/fourth runs.

    We have been continually making improvement to the process and the dividers themselves (and will keep doing so) in the lab here, so from our perspective run four is somewhat better than run one was… but as Chris said the really significant improvements for us are behind-the-scences and have more to do with the process than the finished product.

    Hope that is somewhat clear…


  • Christopher Schwarz: November 21, 2016


    The differences are tiny, cosmetic and mostly to please ourselves. The other improvements also have been in finding shortcuts and new tool paths to reduce the amount of time under the spindle and reducing the amount of handwork to clean them up.

  • Ralph McCoy: November 21, 2016

    Mr Schwarz,

    What are the differences between the dividers ? You 2nd batch says improved, but I did not see anyone casting negative comments one your first batch. thanks Ralph
  • Niels: November 21, 2016

    F*ck yeah!

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