Production Ramping up on Lump Hammers

Posted on 13 July 2018

Our first big batch of lump hammers will go up for sale in August.

We still don’t have a final price – $85 to $95 is the target – but almost everything else is proceeding smoothly.

For our lump hammers, Raney is milling the hammer heads on our Haas – six heads per batch. After the milling, the striking faces are hand filed and abraded smooth, which is the most labor-intensive part of the manufacturing process.

One last detail on the heads: The steel is made in the USA – fingers crossed that the recent tariffs won’t affect us much.

The handles are hickory and made in the United States as well. After charring the handles with a torch, they are dipped in molten beeswax and rubbed down.


The handles are affixed in the hammer heads with hide glue and an oak wedge. The fit between the head and the handle is so good, that we think this will keep the joint tight for many years of use. We are including a steel wedge for those who prefer a steel wedge, or if the head ever becomes loose.

We know you have been waiting a long time for these lump hammers. I’ve been using the heck out of our pre-production models and working prototypes for more than a year. They will be worth the wait.

— Christopher Schwarz

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