Production Update on Dividers & Lump Hammers

Posted on 20 December 2018

Here’s the quick version: We won’t have any new stock on dividers or lump hammers until January at the earliest. We are working hard to build up inventory on these items, here are some details.

On lump hammers, we have moved some of the finishing operations to the shop in Covington, Ky. Brendan Gaffney and Megan Fitzpatrick will be grinding the machined hammer heads, finishing the handles and assembling them. They are working on their first batch now.

This change will speed up production greatly. But changing our manufacturing process (and the holidays) have slowed us down. We had to move equipment, build new jigs and train Megan and Brendan.

On dividers, we have a large batch that is machined but needs to be finished and assembled. These were also snared in the equipment changes. Raney is setting up a new belt grinder in the Lab to complete the dividers and some future tools.

As soon as we have any new information we will post it here. Promise.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • Chris Johnson: January 14, 2019

    Hi guys

    Can I pre order one of these amazing looking hammers?

  • ralph boumenot: January 14, 2019

    Can I get on a waiting list for the next batch of lump hammers?

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