Reality Check: When will you Receive Your Tool?

Posted on 19 November 2018

If you ordered a lump hammer from us late last week, here’s an update: The tools will arrive in our warehouse tomorrow morning and ship out soon after that. After that, the delivery time is in the hands of FedEx.

We’ve received a fair number of enquiries from customers wondering why they haven’t gotten their hammer yet. (It has been, after all, two full working days since they placed an order.)

So this blog entry is an attempt to set expectations for how long it takes our tools to hit the mailstream once you order.

First, please keep in mind that our monolithic tool company is just three guys. We have no employees, assistants or helpers. It’s just John, Raney and me. Every tool is touched by at least one of us as it is made, sold and packaged. As a result, we’re not, and we can’t pretend to be.

It can take five or six days to get an order processed, checked for quality control, wrapped, boxed and shipped. We try to beat that timeframe, but it’s not always possible.

I’ve added a note to this effect to the website descriptions of all of our tools. But I also wanted to mention it here and beg for a little patience with us. We always deliver. And it doesn’t take years, weeks or months – it’s something you can count in days.

Once you get your tool, I think you’ll find it was absolutely worth the wait.

— Christopher Schwarz

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