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Posted on 01 June 2017

This is the first of a series of posts I’m planning to write on the topic of our Improved Pattern Dividers. But along the way, I’m sure to digress often and excessively – because that’s what I do. If you’ve met me, you already know this.

But because most of you probably haven’t met me, a brief intro (warning) is called for. So here’s a little list of some (mostly true) stuff you might want to know before reading on:

1) There’s a reason Chris does most of the posting here. Piles of reasons, actually. A cornucopia, one might say.

2) I fit almost no one’s idea of “normal.” It’s a special talent of mine.

3) The three most common adjectives leveled at me (in alphabetical order) are: blunt, intense and opinionated.

4) When I was a youngster, I never wanted to be a fireman, or President or any such crap. I wanted to be a mad scientist. A bit later I wanted to be a philosopher.

5) As a (technical) adult, I think mad scientist and philosopher basically are the same thing. And their opposite is “politician.”

6) In high school I was voted “least likely to be diplomatic.” Which, now that I think about it, was actually a pretty nice way to say it.

7) You can think of me as Crucible’s unrealistic purist, or as the rabid savant they keep locked in the basement lab. Both have a grain of truth.

8) Occasionally, I like to make errors (like the closing period in the headline) just to see who feels the need to correct me.

9) I’m a people person.

So fair warning: I think too much, I write too long, I criticize freely and I have no “casual” opinions. I am either obsessive about a topic, or I give exactly zero craps about it. No in-between.

Additionally, some degree of annoying grandiose philosophy is hiding behind just about everything I write. If you think craftspeople should stick to how-tos or shut up, then you should skip my posts. I won’t be offended. Seriously.



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  • Bill M: June 03, 2017

    All is now clear. Write more.

  • jayedcoins: June 02, 2017

    Whatever happens, we can all agree that Sonic Youth is boss.

  • Dan D.: June 02, 2017

    Bring it! looking forward to hearing more from you, Raney.

  • John Courtenay: June 01, 2017

    Are you sure you’re not actually C. Swartz’s long lost twin? You sound quite a bit like him. Curmudgeons Unite!

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