Update: Lump Hammers & the End of Free Shipping

Posted on 27 August 2018

We will begin taking orders for the Crucible Lump Hammer at noon Eastern time on Wednesday. The hammers are $85 plus shipping. As always, we will sell only what we have in stock and will not take backorders. The good news is that production is running smooth and we should be able to keep up with demand, even if it is strong.

The bad news is that we can no longer offer free shipping on our tools. We use the same fulfillment and shipping service as we do at Lost Art Press. And as I explained here, that model is unsustainable for us. So effective immediately, all orders will include a shipping charge based on weight.

We are in the midst of changing our fulfillment system and hope to have more shipping options available as a result.


More on the Lump Hammer
As always, we will include an instruction sheet with the tool. Please read it. It has important information about the wedge that is included in the package, suggestions on use and how to ensure the faces of the hammer remain grippy and don’t deflect oddly off your target.

In fact, you can download the directions here.

These hammers have a 2.2 lb. hardened steel head that is milled to size in our laboratory in Indiana. The interior of the head’s eye is one of the nice details of the tool. Unlike some inexpensive cast hammers that have a straight-sided hole, the eye of the lump hammer is milled with an hourglass shape to a precise fit to the hickory handle. This, plus the wooden wedge, will keep the head in place for many years of use.

Because we think long-term, we are including a steel wedge in the package so you can tighten up the fit between the head and the handle.

The handle is made in the USA from hickory. It has octagonal facets, which give you feedback about the hammer’s orientation in your hand, and is finished by hand with beeswax.

As always, if you have questions or a problem, send us a note at help@crucibletool.com.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • Steve: August 29, 2018

    I guess you couldn’t keep up with demand even if strong
    Sold out when I checked at 2 pm pacific time

  • pyleg : August 29, 2018

    Welp, I missed ’em.

  • Ian McNemar: August 29, 2018

    Yep! Got one. Happy to do it, too.

  • Sam: August 29, 2018

    Where can I find the hammers on your site? I hope they aren’t already sold out.

  • John: August 28, 2018

    Any news about if or when you might offer shipping to Canada?

  • John: August 28, 2018

    Can hammers be sexy? Because this hammer is sexy.

  • Goerge : August 28, 2018

    Timely. Mum is going to love bringing one home in her checked Luggage.

  • Thomas: August 28, 2018

    Must be patient. Must be patient. Must be patient. Must be patient. Must be patient…………………….

  • Kevin: August 27, 2018

    Can’t wait. Little sad to think about what the shipping might cost for your fans out here in Hawai’i, but totally understandable. Will definitely be ordering first thing Wednesday morning!

  • Lance: August 27, 2018

    Hot Diggity! Looks fantastic guys, well done!

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